1. What is your jessica141 agency operation looks like?
We will send the escort/escorts directly to the destination our customers decide, Areas covered are most places within Klang Valley If happened you do not own a room kindly contact us for the arrangement room in Bukit Bintang.

2. How do I make arrangements?
All you have to do is call us anytime, anywhere 24 hours a day 7 days a week . Your requests will immediately be arranged for you by our receptionists by whatsapp me here 

3. What is the estimated time of arrival for the escorts?
In most cases with good traffic conditions, it will take around 20-30 minutes within the Kuala Lumpur golden triangle and around 30-40 minutes for locations outside KL’s Golden Triangle. The time indicated as mentioned above are based on terrific traffic conditions, if in any case where there is traffic congestion it may take longer.

4. What girls are highly recommended and most sought after?
As the saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder..”, From our point of view escorts from the models and Vip models category are most recommended and sought after by customers due to quality, service and etc. Our models and Vip model are part-time models and we have their portfolio’s on our site at jessica141.com

5. Are your girls clean? Do they have medical check up’s?
Yes, the escorts are safe and clean, as the safety of our customers is also our priority.

6. Do you provide escorts of lower standards?
We do not, we only have the elite but if you are on low budget contact us will be try to arrange maybe from other agency for your pleasure.

7. What is your quality?
With the number of competitors today,we are standing among the greats of the industry. They are ranked among the cream of the crop.

8. Do you have your own girls? How many girls do you have?
Yes. We have more than 50 professionals of which who are young, good looking and have exquisite skills.

9. I want top quality girls and services, can you provide?
This will require special arrangement. Girls like part-time models or local Malay Girl can be arranged and the price will be different.

10. Do you accept foreign currency?
Yes, we accept most common currencies transacted internationally.

11. Can you send me photo of your escort?
Yes you may whatsapp us for the latest photo or refer to our website because we did update our girl profiles every day or couple of days.

12. Can I bring the escort out for entertainment or dinner?
Yes. You may bring them to pubs, discos and night clubs but T & C applied for safety purpose.

13. Do you accept credit cards?
unfortunately credit card is not acceptable but you may use many method for your payments example Paypal,Touch & Go E wallet, Bitcoin,Wechat,Local Bank online transfer.

14. Are there any discounts if I spend more time with the escorts?
Yes, you will pay a discounted rate if you spend a night with our escorts, as compared to the normal hourly charges.

15. How can I be sure that I will be meeting a nice escort?
As long as you give us your requirements as to how you want the escort to be, we will definitely do out best to match your requests. If it is at all feasible, give notice approximately an hour in advance. Customer satisfaction is our main priority. We also hope that our customers will return to us in the future. Therefore we will do our best to serve you better.

16. Advanced reservation?
Advanced reservation is to reserve the girls you request for, so that we can reserve the best girls for you and fulfill your requirements.

17. Are condoms supplied?
Yes, the girls will provide the condom. Our company and girls are all clean and we practice safe sex. This is to maintain our standards of cleanliness and safety that we provide to our customers.

18. What is the best way to request for the same escort?
If you like a particular escort and wish to have her services again or recommend to your friends.  The easiest way is to get her name.

19. For 1 hour session will the escort stay the entire hour?
Not necessarily. The most common misunderstanding for the 1 hour session is that customers expect the escort to stay the entire hour. In actual fact, the payment made is meant for 1 ejaculation and the 1 hour period is the maximum time frame allowed to achieve ejaculation. Once the customer ejaculates, the escort’s services is complete. However, the customer can request the girl to stay a little longer but second rounds are not allowed. If you wish to have more time with the girl the best way is to spend some time with her before proceeding to a session or not book her for a longer period.

20. Can I book more than one escort at a time?
Yes, you can. There is no limitation to however many escorts you can book at a time.

21. Can I extend my appointment?
Of course you can, all you have to do is inform us.

22. What are the differences between you and other escort agencies in Malaysia?
The differences are:
– we have our own escorts
– differences in our quality and quantity
– our prices are transparent and stated clearly

23. My question is not answered here?
Please contact us and we will do our best to answer your question.